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Fairtrade Council

At Old Basing Infants we have had an active Fairtrade Council. The group consisted of two representatives from each class.  Our work on Fairtrade allowed the pupils to develop their understanding of global issues such as where our food comes from and how we are connected to people around the world. Our work on Fairtrade also helps us to develop our understanding of ours and others' rights. Those articles from the UNCRC which link with Fairtrade are listed below;


Article 12: Children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinions taken into account.


Article 24: Children have the right to good quality health care, to clean water, nutritious food and to stay healthy. Rich countries should help poorer countries achieve this.


We have not been able to run a Fair Trade group during 2021-2022


 In the past, the children have worked together to create a statement to explain what Fairtrade means:


Fair Trade means that the farmers get a fair price for their products such as coffee beans, coco beans, fruit and vegetables. Fair trade makes sure that the hard working farmers have a safe environment and their products are priced correctly. We know if the product is Fairtrade because it has a Fairtrade logo on it.

The link below takes you to an interactive story about Pablo the Super Banana and an interactive game based on the story.