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Year 2

This week...


This week the children have started to plan their own stories about 'How the elephant got his trunk'. Ask them about some of the wonderful ideas they have come up with as to how the elephant's trunk grew. They are fantastic!

We have continued to learn about using verbs in our writing and have noticed that the endings of verbs change when they are written in the present and past tense. Words like 'laughing' become 'laughed' and 'jumping' becomes 'jumped'. Can your child tell you how 'ing' present tense verbs change to be past tense? Look out for some of the trickier ones that DON'T follow the rule like running/ran.


In Maths we have revisited the topic of the value of numbers. One of the patterns we have noticed is that when you add any one-digit number to a tens number, it takes the place of the 0. So, 10 + 7 = 17 and 10 + 5 = 15. Challenge your child to do these kind of number problems mentally (with 20, 30, 40 up to 100 if you want to!) and see if they can use the pattern.


The children have chosen our new topic....Animals and Nature!

Our learning will have a distinctly animal theme up until half term, so please share any facts or information that the children discover with you at home on a WoW star so that we can share it in class.


Maths Passports are making a comeback next week, so please make sure that your child is working towards their current target to move to the next continent and achieve a certificate. A letter with all of the information will be sent out to Parents on Monday 1st October to explain the Passports fully.


And finally...! We have attached a copy of the Key Stage One spelling words and the rules for Year 1 and Year 2 as well as giving each child a hard copy to bring home so that you can continue to work through these with your child as part of their homework each week. Look out for the spellings of the week on the class window (or below) if you'd like to focus on the same spellings at home as we are in school.




Spellings of the Week 27.09.18




Spellings of the Week 10.09.18







We have a greater emphasis on teaching and learning spelling in Year 2. Each week we have particular 'Spellings of the Week' which can be found  on your child's class window and on the website. These come from the  list of Common Exception Words lists for  Year 1 and Year 2. and are practised by the children during handwriting sessions that week. Throughout the year, your child will be assessed on how many of the words they can spell from the document below. These will be updated and sent home periodically to inform you of your children's progress. If you have any concerns about your child's spelling, please don't hesitate to discuss these with your child's class teacher smiley