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Year 2 Curriculum evening

Current Learning in YEAR 2!


This week...


This week we've learnt lots of new vocabulary!


In our English, we have learnt what verbs and adverbs are and used this to help us write descriptive sentences about different animals. Can your child tell you what an adverb's job is?


In Maths we have been learning how to describe 2D shapes using their properties (sides and vertices) as well as continuing to talk about the place value of numbers.

Ask your child where they can see 2D shapes when you're out and about. Can they describe what they look like? Can they tell you how many vertices (corners) they have?


We have also been learning about the different length life spans of various animals. Did you know that a humpback whale can live for about 50 years, whereas a polar bear only lives about 16 years? We were surprised because we thought as a big animal a polar bear would live longer than this.


Remember to check Bug Club to help support your child's learning at home this week. Each child has been allocated the correct book band to support their reading at home. They have also had some activities allocated to them to help support other areas of their English learning at home. Education City is now up and running! Look in the 'Classwork' folder to find special activities that have been allocated to support your child's learning this week. Please ask your child's teacher for your login and password if you have misplaced it since last year. Children who are new to the school are having their login and passwords created by the Education City team and as soon as your child's teacher has them, they will give them out to you.


We hope to see you at the Year 2 curriculum evening but if you're unable to attend please take a look at the Powerpoint.



Spellings of the Week 20.09.18






Many Thanks,

The Year 2 Team