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This Week

Owen was respecting his right to be healthy by drinking water (Article 24)


Don't forget that it is Children In Need on Friday 17th November.  The children can dress in whatever they wish for that day.  If they want to wear spots they can, but they don't have to.  Please make sure their costume or clothes are practical for outside learning and that they can fit a coat over the top!  There is a £1 fee to wear non-uniform.  Please hand £1 to your teacher and these donations will all be sent to Children In Need.  Please also remember that if you find any 'old' money - tatty tenners, floppy fivers and round pounds - please use the donation box at the office.


Monday 20th November at 2:45pm is our open session where you are welcome to come into the classroom and take a look at your child's work.  Please arrive at the usual door a half hour early and we will let you in and your child can lead you to their book.  When you have finished looking at their work you can sign your child out with an adult from class and exit via the outer door.


We realise that some parents may forget about this and panic when they turn up at 3:15pm.  However, we have staff meeting straight after school and you won't be admitted to the classroom after 3pm.  There will be other open sessions to watch out for.


During guided reading we hear the children read and the children take these books home.  If your child has been moved on to Pink band, the children can change their book at the beginning of the day and they can do this as often as they like. 


In phonics this week we have learned the following sounds..  The children should be able to tell you the letter name, the sound it makes and the action that accompanies the sound.

j, w, x, y


We have also practised these keywords.  Your child should be able to recognise these on sight and not have to sound them out.  They may be able to use them in a sentence.


my, you, of, like, said


In maths we have been working on our  knowledge of teen numbers as well as practising counting using 1:1 correspondence.   Can your child choose a number between 11-19 and tell you 3 things about this number?  E.g. what is the number before it?  What is the number after?  How many tens are there? 


The children thoroughly enjoyed writing day on Tuesday.  They 'discovered' the story of the Three Little Pigs by finding clues around the outside of the school.  The children then came in a retold the story to an adult and then wrote in whatever style they wanted.  The writing was completely child led and independent and gave us a good idea of what they have learned so far this year.   Every single child wrote something and they were enthusiastic and can't wait for the next writing day!  Here are the stages of writing.  Some children will be at stage 1 and some will be working at 2, 3, or 4.



Please continue to read as much as you can at home.  We will be starting a new reward system for those who are reading at home, so if you read Bug Club, any books, comics, magazines, environmental text then do pop it in their reading records.  Even a quick date and signature if you are in a hurry.   Please also keep practising keywords and sounds as this makes such a difference. 


Thank you for your support.


The Year R Team



This Week

Ruby was respecting our right to be safe by tucking her chair in (Article 36)


We had a busy day with Family Day this week.  Thank you to everyone who came along on the day.  There were a maximum of 10 adults per session and this avoided an overly full classroom!  There will be two more Family Days over this academic year.  The children enjoyed hearing the story 'Welcome' by Barroux and having discussions about their right to shelter and the right to a family.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed writing letter shapes in sand, glitter, slime and foam.  We looked at "long ladder" letter l, "one armed robot" letter r and "curly caterpillar" letter c.  Can your child write these letters using water and brushes, chalk, fingers in sand etc. This is what they should look like.  Each cursive letter begins on the line.

Image result for cursive lImage result for cursive letter r lowercaseImage result for cursive letter c


We have learned the following keywords this week; 

to, the, me, we, she

We are focusing on phonics to make sure that all children are secure in their sounds.  Please take a look at the phonics songs and games on Education City as they really help children to learn them.  By the end of Year R most children will be expected to know all of the alphabet sounds and names as well as the main digraphs (secure in Phase 3).


Try going through the alphabet in this way...

"My name is A [ai] and my sound is a [a].  My name is B [bee] and my sound is b [b] my name is C . [see] and my sound is c  [ck].  It helps to use the Jolly phonics actions to differentiate between name and sound.  The alphabet song is a really good way of practising the letter names.



This Week


The children had their first PE lesson this week and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  They learned to negotiate space whilst moving around the hall.  A major part of our learning came from getting changed back after PE.  Lots of children had difficulty with buttons, tights and socks.  Please do practise this at home and ask your child to put on their own clothes, even if it takes a lot more time!  If your child is at football club, please do practise changing as we only have one adult in class on a Wednesday afternoon and the children need to be a bit more independent in their dressing skills!


Don't forget it is Family Day on Tuesday 7th November.  If you want to spend an hour in class with your child please sign up at the office.  We can only allow one adult per child but there will be other Family Days throughout the year.  If you haven't signed up you won't be able to come...


When you practise keywords, make sure the children read them out of order!  They should not read them in order of "you can see" - they memorise this too easily!


The children have created their Class Charters which describe their rights.  They have learned that all children have rights under the United Nation's Charter for the Rights of a Child. (UNCRC).  Every child has the right to:

  • be safe
  • learn
  • be healthy
  • play
  • be heard

Can your child remember some of their rights?  How can they stay safe?  What can they do to stay healthy? etc.


We are focusing on phonics to make sure that all children are secure in their sounds.  Please take a look at the phonics songs and games on Education City as they really help children to learn them.  By the end of Year R most children will be expected to know all of the alphabet sounds and names as well as the main digraphs (secure in Phase 3).


Try going through the alphabet in this way...

"My name is A [ai] and my sound is a [a].  My name is B [bee] and my sound is b [b] my name is C . [see] and my sound is c  [ck].  It helps to use the Jolly phonics actions to differentiate between name and sound.


We have continued our work on number and have learned about the numbers to 20.  What numbers can your child see in their environment?  Can they tell you 'one more' or 'one less' than this number? 


If your child walks to school (either all of the way, or part of it) please remember to hand in their walk to school cards for October.  We will be celebrating these on Friday so we need them to be handed in by Thursday.  Even if they walk once a week, it still counts!


As always please ask if you have any questions or need clarification.


The Year R Team



This Week


We will see you all at Parent's Evenings this week (Tuesday 17th 3:30-5:30pm and Thursday 19th 4:30-7:30pm).  Please come in via the office.  You can look at your child's learning journals whilst you wait.  We can only meet you for 10 minutes as you can appreciate this takes up 5 hours if we stick to timings. 


We have nearly finished teaching the children Phase 2 sounds.  The children have learned the graphemes (written representation of sounds) and the songs accompany them  The songs are available on Youtube if you look for 'Jolly Phonics songs'.   The children thought of words that begin with this sound. 


We have continued our sounds work to include

g, o, c, k, ck e,

Over the next week we will be teaching the children

u, r, h, b, f and ff.


Ask your child to think of words that begin with these letters.  Can they draw 4 different things?  If your child wants to, they could write the word (even if they only know the initial sound).


At Parent's meetings this week we will be giving you a phonics booklet which details the sounds and the movements that go with them.  Please do take a look as this will really help you to embed the learning from home.


We remind the children to use the pure sound.  For example  not "muh" but "mmmm".  There are some games on Education City that will support this learning.

Education City > EYFS > Letters and Sounds > Kit Kite, Curly Caterpillar, Pick a Rucksack, Run, rabbit, run, Happy horses, Elephant escape, Umbrella Up! Flying fun.


We will make sure that every child reads just before the half term holidays and they will be bringing home a new book.  We are also carrying out phonics assessments with the children as well as doing key word checks.   We don't set homework in Year R but if you want to help your child, reading each day and singing phonics songs with actions and learning key words really helps your child's progress. 


The children have also been practising writing their names in cursive script.  Please do practise this at home with their name cards that were given to you on home visits.


We hope that you have a great week off and that the children build up their energy reserves for Autumn 2!  Term ends on Friday 20th October at 3:15pm.   We return to school on Tuesday 31st October.  The children will soon get back into the swing of things!


PE kits will not be sent home as they are not dirty.  We will send them home at the end of December.


As always, if you have any questions please do see your class teacher after she has let the other children out safely. 




The Year R team.



This Week



These children are respecting their right to learn.


We have looked at lots of sounds in phonics so far.  The children have learned the graphemes (written representation of sounds) and the songs that go with it.  The songs are available on Youtube if you look for 'Jolly Phonics songs'.   The children thought of words that begin with this sound. 

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o

Can you see if your child can think of words that begin with these letters?  Can they draw 4 different things?  If your child wants to, they could write the word (even if they only know the initial sound).


We remind the children to use the pure sound.  For example  not "muh" but "mmmm".  There are some games on Education City that will support this learning.

Education City > EYFS > Letters and Sounds > Grumpy Goats, Dancing Dinosaurs, Muddy Monster, Nodding Newts and Olli Octopus.


We have also learned the following key words

I, can, see, Mum 

Can your child use these words in a sentence? (not just 'I can see Mum!')  Can your child recognise these key words immediately when you hold up their keyword card?  We will test their key words every two weeks (15 children per week) and new words will be given if appropriate.


In reading we have been asking the children to retell the story 'The Gruffalo'.  Our focus has been on recall and ordering the story and telling events in the correct sequence.  When you have a bedtime story or when you read a book together perhaps you could talk about the story at the end.  What happened?  What next?  What was the funny part of the story?  What was the scary part?  Was there a happy ending?  Could you think of a different ending?


Next week the children will be creating their own Christmas card designs.  These will be turned into Christmas cards which you will have the opportunity to buy.  This will raise funds for the school. We will be sending home their designs over the next week or two and there is a form overleaf where you can make your order.


If you haven't received a Tapestry email please let your teacher know.  You should have live Tapestry accounts by now.


As part of our PSED work the children were playing Snakes and Ladders games.  They found this really tricky.  Do you have any board games at home that they can practise?  Board games are very good ways of teaching turn-taking and recognising dots on dice.  They also need to learn how to move the counters from any number.



These children are respecting their right to learn


This Week



We picked and ate some fruit from our own trees.  Digging for worms and talking about compost. (above)  We were respecting our right to be healthy (Article 24)


Thank you for all of the questionnaires, Tapestry forms and Flu vaccine forms that have been returned.  If you haven't yet returned these, please send these via the classroom or office as soon as you can.


Parent evening is fast approaching!  Please sign up at the office - there is a sheet for each class stuck on the doors on your left.  We do it this way so that parents of siblings in different classes can sign up for adjacent slots.  Obviously if you have any urgent matters to discuss before then please see your class teacher once she has seen her children out.  The sign up sheets go up on Monday 9th October.  Parent Evenings are the following week.  Please feel free to bring children/siblings if it makes it easier for you to attend!


Harvest Assembly takes place on Friday 6th October.  All Year R children are able to attend (no parents I'm afraid!).  They are invited to bring along a food item which can be placed in the box in the classroom when the arrive at school in the morning.  Please see separate parentmail for details.  No glass items please!


We will soon by placing a timetable on our classroom doors - if you have completed your DBS check with the office then please do sign up to help us with Fine Motor Skills (FMS) sessions with the children.


Education City/Bug Club passwords go out this week.  Please remind your child that their password is private and they should not be sharing it with their friends!  This is all part of educating them on E-Safety,.  Article 13 of the UNCRC states that children have the right to find information as long as they are not harming themselves or others.  Article 16 states that children have the right to privacy.


We have some phonics games on Education City.  Please see Education City, English, EYFS, Jolly Phonics,

These are the games we would like you to choose from as these are the sounds we have learned so far.

Ant Attack

Tent Trick

Park Play

Seven Seas

In the Igloo


The children have enjoyed taking part in Sustainability Week and have had lots of ideas for saving resources such as food, water, paper, plastic etc.  They also learned about recycling, reusing and refuse.  Some naughty Critters came to our classroom and made a big mess and the children helped to teach the Critters how to look after our planet.  I am happy to report that the Queen of Trash has emailed to let us know that the Critters have returned and are using their newly found skills to tidy up their own planet.



This Week


Thank you for all of the questionnaires, Tapestry forms and Flu vaccine forms that have been returned.  If you haven't yet returned these, please send these via the classroom or office by Friday if you can.



Respecting our right to be heard, and the right to play.




We have had a busy week this week.  We had a 'Bear Hunt'' day where the children joined in with repeated rhymes and refrains.  There are lovely clips here which you can play and sing along to.  The children had great fun drawing maps, playing with natural resources, making puppets, masks and performing shows for their friends.  The best part of the day was seeing 30 children running across the playground being chased by one little boy pretending to be the 'bear'!



In Write Dance this week we went for a 'walk' in the country.  The children let their crayon move around the paper, just as they had wandered around the hall.  Some children imagined they were walking around on the moon, others along the beach and some even saw unicorns!  Can your child close their eyes and imagine a walk?  They can walk anywhere they like. What can they see?  Are there any animals?  Is the ground hard or soft?  What do they hear?  Are there any people there?


We have been assessing Fine Motor Skills this week and have identified some children who require finger and hand exercises to build their strength.  There do seem to be a lot of children in this category this year and we will need your help to give them extra FMS sessions.  If you are able to come in once a week please ask at the office for a DBS (security) form and look out for a parent mail for more details.  


Next week we will start learning the 'Jolly Phonics' letters.  Here is a link to the songs.  Please do take a look if you like!



This Week


If your child attends a club after school please let your child's teacher know that day.  We find that quite often plans change and the children are picked up when we were expecting them at club.  And visa versa!   Of course you know your plans much better we know your plans so it is really best if you communicate that to us.


From Monday 25th September the children will be able to choose a book to read on the carpet.  Once they have put their things away they need to sit on the carpet and read.  This makes the children calm and ready for register on time at 8:50am.


Thank you to everyone who attended curriculum Evening.  There was a great turn-out.  If you were unable to attend the slides are on the Year R page of the website.

The children are really settled in to the school and are enjoying getting to know each other.  We have a play based curriculum where we encourage the children to co-operate, share, talk about needs, ask questions and have discussions with other children and adults.  Here are some examples of the play based learning that has been happening outside over the last two days:


  • Create a dinosaur world on the grass
  • Create brick towers and count the bricks
  • Make a picture using leaves and twigs
  • Group natural resources
  • Play hopscotch and read the numbers
  • Using musical instruments to beat the correct number
  • Write orders in the café (gazebo)


We looked at man made and natural materials today (Friday).  We studied shells, twigs, stones, metals, cardboard, plastic amongst other materials.  The children were very good at talking about them and a lot of children enjoyed playing with magnets and metals.  Can you find metals around your home?  If you have a magnet see if all of them are magnetic.  Do you recycle?  What does recycling mean?  What can you recycle?


Well done to all of the parents who managed to drop their child at the door!  We know it is not easy for some of you, but it really is good for the children and allows them to settle in without anxiety building up.


We have also introduced Star Jobs this week.  The children are encouraged to challenge themselves with a Star Job and if they complete this, they get a special star sticker.  For example, on Tuesday the children's star job was to count objects in the classroom in any way they chose (peg boards, bead strings, cubes, dinosaurs, etc).  Some children chose to challenge themselves with higher number and we were very impressed with their numerical knowledge.  See if your child can count objects accurately to 10.  Are they using 1:1 correspondence?  Can they count up to 20 objects?  Do they pronounce the 'teen' numbers correctly (not "tee").  Can they count the stairs at home and then count backwards as they go down the stairs?


Some children are coming into school without coats.  We do require that every child has a coat in school each day.  You could store a 'packamac' on their peg if it is easier for you.  We go outside in all weather so some sort of coat is vital for their learning.  Also we remind children to drink several times a day, so please do send in a named water bottle. 





This Week


We have been really pleased to see how well the children have settled into school life!  Most children are able to put their own coat on their peg, book bag in their drawer and water bottle by the sink.  If children want to bring their own fruit in please make sure it is in a pot or bag which is named.  They can put this by the sink, ready for fruit time.  We supply a piece of fruit to the children so there is no requirement to provide this unless you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement.               Image result for plastic potImage result for fruit in plastic bag


From Monday 18th we would like children to come in to school independently.  We have found through past experience that the earlier this happens, the easier it is for the children to adapt to school life.  The children are able to organise themselves with minimal support and have already mastered the art of tidying the classroom all by themselves.  Very impressive! 


An adult will be in the corridor to help the children in the mornings so don't worry that they will be lost or worried - We will help them if they need it!  Of course if you have something to discuss with the Teachers we will be at the door to speak to you.  If you want to see us after school this is a good time to have a more detailed discussion.


We have been learning about the 'Cloud' system and discussing how behaviour choices can mean that their name moves up to the 'Rainbow' for good behaviour choices.  Equally the children can be moved to orange/red cloud if they don't make good choices.  On Friday the children will enjoy a reward for being on Rainbow/Green Cloud.  This is called Friday Fun Time.  The children miss 5 minutes of Friday Fun Time if their name is moved on to Red Cloud.


We have all completed our 'Sound Walks' where the children were tuning in their ears to the sounds around them.  This was also an ideal opportunity to walk around the school and find our way about!  We identified lots of sounds including music, talking, aeroplanes, telephones, and other machines.  What sounds can your child hear at home or outside?


We are also painting self portraits which you will be able to see on the walls very soon!


Don't forget that our Year R Curriculum Meeting is on Wednesday 20th September at 6:30pm.  It is a good opportunity to find out about our curriculum and about how we teach each area.  If you can't make it we will put the slides on the Year R page of the website.


Some Year R children are using the drop-off system in the mornings.  Please be aware that although we see them safely to the school gate, the children must be able to walk themselves around the school to the Year R playground.  It may be that you need to practise walking around from the main gate to see if your child is confident in doing this independently.


We have been asked to remind parents about parking appropriately around the school.  We have had complaints from local residents about some cars parking on double-yellow lines in The Mead.  Our car park can be quite busy at peak times and the British Legion have kindly offered to allow parents to use their car park and walk down from there.


As always please ask if you have any questions!




The Year R Team




This Week



The children have done a fantastic job of settling into school.  Well done to all of the children (and parents!) who managed to drop off and settle in quickly.  The children have taken in a lot of new information and are getting to know each other.  We will be concentrating on building speaking and listening skills as well as developing social skills.   Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to help in school; you are most welcome!  If you would like to hear readers please ask at the office about a security (DBS) check.  When this is complete you will be able to liaise with your Class Teacher to organise an appropriate timeslot.




Please remember that all green book bags must go in the drawers and not on the pegs.  They only fit in the drawers if all jumpers and water bottles are taken out of the book bags and put into the correct boxes.


Image result for old basing infant school book bagImage result for old basing infant school book bag


Full time parents meeting - Don't forget that all full time parents are invited to a meeting in the hall at 9:00am on Tuesday 12th September.


Lunch visits are taking place this week for all full time children. This will be a chance for you to come into the hall for the first time with your child and to enjoy lunch with them.  If your child is part time they will go home as normal at 12:00.  If you can't come along to the lunch visit we will send your child as usual at 12:00 also. 


Unfortunately we cannot feed the parents - only the children!  You are welcome to bring your own packed lunch if you like.  Please prepare your child on the morning of your visit by talking through the options and deciding if they want Red (meat) or Green (non meat) option.  (see School lunches are free to all children and we would strongly advise that you access the cooked food on offer.  If your child has a food allergy please speak to the office about alternative menus.

On your Lunch visit please arrive at the class door as usual at 11:50am.  We will then take you through to the hall at 12:00 (once all of the other children have gone home).  Once in the hall, please get your child to find a seat anywhere - they put their water bottle at that place on the table. It is a good idea to put your phone/keys/jumper onto the space next to your child so that it is reserved for you!  Then you go with your child to line up and collect their lunch. They will hand over a red (meat) or green (non meat) token and put it in the correct bucket.  Then they carry their own lunch using two hands and go back to their space at the table.  Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible.  If they cannot cut up their food, they can put up their hand and a grown up will come along to help them. This will prepare them well for next week.  When they have eaten their main meal they must put up their hand to ask if they can eat their desert.  An adult will tell them.  Then when they have finished their desert they will put up their hand again to ask if they can leave.  They leave their bottle at the table and then take their tray over to the stacking table.  Any waste goes into the bin.  They can then go back and collect their water bottle.  


After the lunch you are free to take your child back to the Year R corridor to collect their things and go home via the class door.  Just tell the Class Teacher when you are leaving the hall..


Wednesday 13th September - Mole Class full time children

Thursday 14th September - Hedgehog Class full time children

Friday 15th September - Dormouse Class full time children


On Monday 18th September the full time children will be at school from 8:50am - 3:15pm.  Part time children will continue to be collected at 12:00pm.


If you haven't done so already please do put a named pair of wellies in the welly store which is outside the classroom door.  We go outside in all weather and don't want to ruin their lovely new school shoes!


Wednesday 20th September (6:30pm) - This is the Year R curriculum meeting and is an ideal opportunity to hear about what we teach your children and how we go about it.  Please look out for more information. 


Please do pop in and see your class teacher if you have any questions at the end of the day.


Kind regards


The Year R team.


This week

5th September 2017


Welcome to Year R.  On this page you will find latest news, information, details of our learning and photos from the week.  We will aim to update this website each week on Wednesdays.


We look forward to welcoming you to your new classes.  Remember that your child will start school on the day after your home visit.  For example, if your home visit is on Friday, your child will start school on the following Monday.  There is a gate leading to the Year R playground.  Please wait there and we will open the gate at 8:35.  Children can arrive at any time between 8:35 and 8:50.  If you have unexpected delays and it is after this time, please go via the main office.  We find that the children quickly settle down and a speedy drop off is the secret to a speedy recovery!  Please do feel free to help them in the corridor to find their peg (for PE kits and coats) and their drawer (for book bags).  Water bottles and fruit pots go near the sink.  We do provide fruit to the children free of charge but if your child is particular about what fruit, then please do send (in a named pot or bag).  It is really important that all items are named, especially jumpers and coats.  Any lost items can then be distributed to the correct classroom.


We will see you all over the next week or so with big smile!


The Year R Team