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With increased access to the internet through a variety of devices it has become more and more important to discuss with children the dangers the internet could pose as well as the possibilities it can also open up.


Even with increased awareness of the dangers the internet can pose children should always be supervised when using and accessing the internet. They should only play games that are deemed age appropriate, for example children should be 13 before they have a Facebook account.


At Old Basing Infant School we take the childrens' safety and well-being extremely seriously and we start teaching e-safety from a very early age.  Our strict filters mean that the children cannot access inappropriate material at school.  However we are aware that technology is always around them and that they need to know how to act online.  Children are made aware of the potential risks and are told to never give personal information online.  If they see something that worries them, they are taught to switch off the screen and ask an adult.


Please see the links below to get further support with e-safety.  The short video shows your child one simple way that they can stay safe online.