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Staying safe online

At school, we learn about how to keep ourselves safe online when using technology like computers, phones and tablets to play games, watch videos and speak to friends and family.


Top tips to stay safe online: 

  • Don't speak to people you don't know - they are strangers and may not always be who they say they are. 
  • Keep your personal information private - like your age, full name, address and school. 
  • If you get an 'uh oh' feeling or you see something you don't like, always tell a grown up that you trust. 
  • Always use technology in the same room as a grown up. 

ThinkUKnow Online safety education: Jessie & Friends (4-7)

Videos produced by the ThinkUKnow safety campaign in conjunction with CEOP and the NCA. Storybooks to help you keep the conversation going can be downloaded ...

Jessie & Friends Ep 2 Sharing Pictures (5-6 years)

Jessie & Friends Ep 3 Playing games (6-7 years)