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Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1! 

Your children have started the year really well and we are really impressed with their levels of independence when coming into school in the mornings.  They have all settled into their classrooms really well, great work Year 1!


The children have selected their new topic which is 'Who lives in a habitat like this?'  We will be learning about lots of different kinds of animals and starting off our year long science investigation about which mini beasts we can find around the school at different point in the year.  We have just read a book called The Bog Baby and are beginning some English based around this book.  We have also begun to remind the children about their teen numbers and the importance of counting with one to one correspondence, as well as beginning some work on addition and subtraction.


If you have not yet had chance to do so, please do take the time to listen to the presentation below which tells you a little bit more about the Year 1 curriculum and what to expect this year.  We have also posted the questions and answers from our Q&A session, so if you were unable to join us you can still see what questions were asked.  Alongside this we have posted a spelling Pick 'n' Mix with some fun, interactive ways you could practise the Year 1 spellings at home.  We have also posted some information about the new handwriting scheme the children in year 1 will be following, please see the presentation for a few more details.  The children will now be learning a pre-cursive text as this is often easier for them to get to grips with initially and help them put their ideas down on paper.  The rhymes for these letters can be found in the document below if you would like to practise any letter formation at home.  Please rest assured that if your child could already write fully cursively we will still be teaching them in this way!


Please remember if you do have any questions you can contact us easily through the school office or by popping a note in your child's home school communication book.

Spelling Pick 'n' Mix

Questions and answers from the Year R curriculum presentation