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Our Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Mission Statement


A love of learning for life


Key Values


Respect—Our philosophy is to develop respect in our community. We aim for children to have respect for themselves, others, property, environment and the fundamental British values; in order to enable all individuals to progress within a community where they feel they belong and are secure.


Aspiration—As a school we aspire to develop and support children’s self-esteem and passion for learning in order to encourage proactive, creative thinkers who are willing to take a risk and become motivated, enthusiastic learners with high aspirations.


Resilience - We believe children who are resilient are flexible and adaptable and able to learn within an exciting and every changing society. We aim for all our children to develop resilience in their learning so that they successfully face setbacks, learn from them and move their learning forward as a result. We want them to have 'bouncebackability'.


Creativity - We believe that in order to prepare our children for the world they will inhabit as adults they need to be able to use their imagination and to have original ideas. Creativity across their learning will support them in being adaptable and flexible in their thinking and will ensure they are creative in the broadest sense of the word. Being exposed to creativity across all areas of the curriculum and beyond will help children to see the value in thinking 'outside the box' and producing original ideas.


Resourcefulness - 'the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties' is the definition of resourcefulness and this is our aim in teaching children to think for themselves and to be confident to try new ideas and ways of working. The more tools in their armoury the more opportunities to be successful they will have.


Inquisitiveness - Children are curious and interested in their world and our aim is to continue this curiosity through providing opportunities to question, find out, discover and hypothesise and then to consider the range of answers. Wanting to know more is a positive approach to learning that we want all children to have.


We aim to:

  •  Teach children to respect their own and others’ rights
  •  Teach children the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  •  Teach children how to stay safe
  •  Encourage adults and children to work and play together creatively
  •  Enable all children to reach their full potential
  •  Provide parents with sufficient information and opportunities to help them support their children’s learning and development
  •  Encourage and enable all children to do their best and to have respect for others in work and play
  •  Teach children about society in order to help create the good citizens of the future
  •  Teach children about different cultures and prepare them to live in a multi-cultural society
  •  Have high expectations of academic excellence whilst promoting the personal, moral, cultural and spiritual development of our pupils
  •  Raise awareness in our children of the choices they have available to them  
  • Ensure children respect British values