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Year R

Wednesday 15th January 2020


We are continuing with our topic of transport next week and will be basing our activities around this, exploring different modes of transport and investigating them. On this note, we will be taking the children to do a traffic survey, taking a tally of what transport we find on the roads local to school. Each class will be doing this on a different day throughout the week.


Later on in the term we will also be getting the balance bikes out. In order for the children to take part they will need a helmet so just a pre-warning in case they do not currently have one. Watch this space- we will give you the dates nearer the time.  


Next week we will also be having a physical focus where the children will be taking part in lots of physical activities including gross and fine motor skills so get the children ready for an active week. The phonics digraphs for next week will be 'ng', 'oo' and 'ar'. We always discuss each digraph and how it is made up of two letters that make one sound and how when they are joined together they don't make single (black cat) sounds but instead make a different sound. See if the children can spot any digraphs that we have learnt so far in words and texts that they are reading.


Many thanks,

The Year R Team

Wednesday 8th January 2020


Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a relaxing break and are ready to go again this term.


This week we are focusing on our campaign, 'recycling and deforestation' and really thinking about paper and how we use it in school. We are trying to reduce our wastage and recycle where we can, reusing bottles, lids and junk in anyway we can. Any donations would be gratefully received this week.


Just a reminder to bring the children's PE kits back as we will be continuing with PE as usual every Wednesday.


We are now introducing the children to digraphs as we have covered all of the single letter sounds. So far this week we have covered sh, ch, th and next week we will be looking at ai, ee, igh and seeing if we can spot these in words, putting sound buttons on them and continuing to segment and blend for reading. 


Next week we will also be starting our topic on transport.


The Year R Team.



Wednesday 18th December 2019

Happy Christmas everyone...we have all made it to the end of term one and what a fantastic job the children did of rounding it off with the Christmas performance. We are so proud of their efforts. A big thank you to all of you for providing the costumes and helping them with their lines and songs at home.  It really paid off!


The children will be bringing home a few things over the next couple of days including their PE kits. These can be returned the first week back in the new year ready to do PE in the second week. They will also be bringing home their reading and library books. Remember to complete the book bingo over the holidays and hand it to your class teacher to get a certificate and the chance to be entered into the prize draw. Remember you don't just have to read books from school, any books and texts from home/the library count. 


Our first topic when we come back in 2020 will be focused on our campaign- recycling. We will be doing some crafts from recycled materials so a plea for bottle tops, CD's and cardboard boxes please. We thought you might have a few over the festive period that we could pinch. Thank you in advance.


Lastly we would like to thank you for all your support this term and wish you a very merry, relaxing Christmas with your children.


Many thanks, 


The Year R team.   

Wednesday 11th December 2019 


Only a few days until the end of term is upon us! We're very excited about the Christmas nativity play and can't wait to show all of you our final production. The open performance is tomorrow, Thursday 12th at 2pm and the ticket performance is Friday 13th at 9.30am (don't forget to bring your tickets for this one). At the end of each performance we will be collecting donations for Naomi House Hospice so please bring some loose change if you wish to donate. 


Next week we will be doing all things christmassy with lots of arts and crafts as well as some Christmas maths and phonics. We have now learnt and looked at each letter sound of the alphabet so practising the pronunciation and how the letter is written will be really useful. Remember this can be done in any form- in the bath with the bubbles, using water in a washing up bottle and squeezing the shape of the letter, using different parts of your body to form the letter, making it out of spaghetti, making towers of letters- it doesn't have to be using a pen and paper. Maths wise we will be continuing with the numberblocks looking at doubling and what this means. 


Reading- If your child has not had an individual read this week then they will have it next week and we will have a big book change before the Christmas holidays so they will have a new one for this time period. Remember this book does not have to looked at just the once. You could read it together using a phonics focus and sounding out the words. You could also get your child to retell the story without actually reading the words but by looking at the pictures and from memory. Another time your child could think about what the characters are saying or what might have happened previously/afterwards. They could act out the story as they turn each page or ask you some questions about the words or the story. This should be enough to keep you busy until they come back to school. Of course you read other texts and stories with them as well, it doesn't have to be their school book.  


After Christmas (at some point) we will be doing a topic on transport. We are putting out a bit of a plea to anyone that can help us out. If you or anyone you know has any interesting modes of transport, any different size tyres that we could have for construction (tractor, bicycle, car, van etc) or anything else we might be able to use then please let a member of staff know.  We will also be starting our campaign about recycling and we're looking for a visitor that could come and talk to us about it. Any experts? Thanks in advance. 


The year R team. 





Wednesday 4th December 2019


The Christmas countdown is on and so is the countdown to the play. Rehearsals are well underway and we have our dress rehearsal next Tuesday (10th December) so please make sure costumes are bought in inside a named bag by Friday 6th December so we can check everything and get extra bits sorted where needed. The performances are taking place on Thursday 12th December (pm) and Friday 13th December (am). We're really looking forward to showing you how hard the children have been practising. 


Another reminder...please bring a named baby photo of your child in also by Friday 6th December so we can share them together. We will be speaking about how the children have changed throughout their life and what they do on their birthday to celebrate. We will then be comparing this to how others celebrate their birthdays. 


We've been working really hard on independence in Year R. Practising some of these skills at home will be really helpful for boosting your child's independence in class. Zipping up coats and putting on gloves and hats on their own is a good place to start. It also saves us zipping up 30 coats every break and lunch time :) 


A lot of the children are coming into school independently now and we continue to encourage this as the year progresses. Although you are leaving them at the door, remember if you do need to speak with an adult you can always do so. If this is the case please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time for the discussion as we are required to shut the door and take the register at 8.50am. Thank you. 


Due to a restricted timetable for the next couple of weeks (with play rehearsals) we will be completing an individual read with each child across these two weeks. Every child will get heard but as you can appreciate this does take some time. We promise to get through all 30 children within the two weeks, where their book will also be changed. If you need to access more books before your child gets heard read then please log onto bug club where you'll find a range of texts to choose from.  


During phonics we will be focusing on 'j' and 'x' and then recapping all the letter sounds and names of the alphabet. We will also be focusing heavily on segmenting and blending to read. 



The Year R team.  



Wednesday 27th November 2019


Hello again...


As you are all aware we have started with our Christmas play rehearsal. The children all have a note in their communication book detailing what part they are playing in the play and what they will need to wear. We would really appreciate it if you could provide a suitable costume. We do have some options available in school so please talk to your child's class teacher if needed. Any words and songs practised at home would also be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for this. 


The Christmas market is on Monday, where the children can buy presents for parents. A parent mail has been sent out with details of exactly what the children will need to do on that day. Please have a read. 


As part of our RE curriculum we will be looking at how Christians celebrate Christmas and how Hindis celebrate Krishna's birthday. As part of this we will be looking at how we celebrate our own birthdays and how the children have changed over time. For this please could you provide a named baby photo of your child by Friday 6th December. 


We will be continuing with phonics. This week focusing on h, z, zz, w, y. These are often sounds that the children find tricky so knowing the sound and the name is really important and thinking about where these letters often come in words. Finding things out and about the start with these sounds is also helpful. 


As part of our world topic we will now be focusing on winter and what it looks like around the globe. The continuous provision will have lots of winter activities to explore and we will learn about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. 


Some children have been accessing Bug Club really well. This is a great resource with access to a range of books and a different media to experience them on. You have all been given a log in so please do have a look. An easy way for some extra reading without having to keep changing a book. 


Finally, there is an open session next Thursday. This means that you can come into the classroom to have a look at your child's learning journal from 2.45pm-3.15pm (no later than this). It's another chance for you to see what they have been doing in class. Please be aware that at this stage there may not be an abundance of work in their books as a lot of what we do is practical and recorded on tapestry. If you have not yet signed up for this then please do so.      








Wednesday 20th November 2019


Hello everyone...


We have kick started our topic of 'The World' this week and the children are finding it really interesting. We have been observing the world around us and doing lots of activities that involve autumn leaves and natural resources so we can get familiar with the season and what changes it brings to this time of year. We will be continuing with this topic next week. 


In phonics we will be learning new sounds-u, v, r, f- it would be really useful to see if the children can spot anything around the house/when you're out and about that begin with these sounds as well as any previous ones we have covered. You might like to check the jolly phonics actions for these sounds- they are all on you tube. It's really important that the children know the phonemes (sounds) that match the graphemes (letters) as this is important for early reading skills including segmenting and blending. 


In maths we will be continuing to investigate the numbers 1-10 using the number block characters. Next week we will be focusing on 7, 8 and 9 and really understanding what each number is and how it can be made up. we have started to use language such as add, plus, minus, subtract and takeaway to compare these numbers using practical resources to help us.


Within heartsmart we have been looking at how we are special and how each one of us shines, really understanding our individual worth. Feel free to chat about this at home.


Finally Friday 22nd November is another non-uniform day to celebrate 'Your Time to Shine' where they can come dressed as brightly as can be. A parent mail has been sent out with all the details so keep an eye out for this. 


Many thanks,


The Year R Team.    



Friday 15th November


A big thank you to everyone that joined us on Family Day. This week have been focusing on Heartsmart as part of our PSED curriculum. We have added a link below for a Heartsmart activity you can complete with your child at home.


Please complete the Love Language Hands activity. Have fun and feel free to send the completed activity into school so we can share them with the class.

Wednesday 13th November 2019


**Library reminder**

Please ensure your child brings their library book into school on their library day (Dormouse and Hedgehog- Tuesday.

Mole-Wednesday). We visit the library together as a class and rely on them bringing their books in so that they can change them. We have talked to them about borrowing books and how this is a privilege so please enforce the need to take care of their book at home. If the library book has been lost please inform the class teacher so we can take the relevant steps to ensure your child can start using the library again. You will need to pay if it has been lost but it might take some time to sort this out. Thank you for your patience. 


Communication books, key word boxes and reading books need to come into school EVERYDAY. There is not a set day that your child will complete these activities so it's really important that these items are in their book bags at all times. Thank you in advance.


Toileting- We have had a few accidents in the last couple of weeks in regards to toileting. Of course this is all part of growing up and it happens. We are definitely used to it. We have spoken to the children about making sure they remember to flush the chain and wash their hands (we've had some blockages recently) and to not go into the toilet with anyone else. Please can you reinforce this at home.  Can we ask that any clothes that have gone home including pants and socks are returned to school as inevitably we will have more accidents. 


Another reminder about Friday (15/11/19) it's children in need day which means the children can wear spots to school and bring in a teddy (again) in exchange for a donation. More details have been sent out on a parent mail so check here. 


After discussing with the children what they would like to learn, next week we will be starting a new topic, 'The World'. This will include weather, the seasons, animals and countries and continents around the world. We will also be learning the 'l', 'qu', 'o' and 'e' sounds in phonics and looking at accurate counting in maths.  

Wednesday 6th November 2019


We hope you all had a lovely half term and welcome you back to school.


Autumn 2 brings lots more rain and cold weather. In EYFS we will still be using outdoor learning whatever the weather so please ensure your child has named wellies in the wellie box and a rain coat every day.


A reminder to check your parent mail about the teddy bears picnic happening on Friday- all the information you need is there.


This week your child will receive their first set of key words which you can practice with them at home. They need to know these by sight rather than needing to sound them out (as lots of them are tricky and cannot be sounded out). See below for some examples of fun ways to do so.


Clubs have also started this week which lots of children are partaking in. If your child is doing a club please send their kit back into school for PE or send a different set of clothes that they can change into for clubs, so that they always have their PE kit in school.


Next week is Heartsmart week, including family day (Thursday 14th November) so remember to sign up for a slot to come into school and have fun learning with your child.   

Wednesday 23rd October 2019


We have made it through the first half term! The children have done brilliantly with the first eight weeks of school, a lot more are coming in independently so we wanted to thank you with your assistance with this. The children definitely deserve a good rest over the half term so that they're ready and raring to learn when we come back in November. 


At some point during the first week back you will see a word pot appear in your child's book bag with some key words inside. These are words that need to be learnt and practised at home. There are many different ways these can be learnt, from writing them on post-its and sticking them around the house to be 'found', putting them on targets and throwing a ball/bean bag at each one in order to say it, flipping them over and matching them, bubble writing and colouring or even finding them in the bath. We will aim to check your child's key word knowledge every other week and provide them with new words when needed. We will also continue guided reading weekly. This will still be a wordless book as we are working on the children's comprehension and story telling whilst building on the phonic skills that they need for word reading within the classroom environment, before giving them a book with words in. Now your child is bringing this book home please comment in the home school communication book when you have shared it together. 


The first week back will also be host to a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' (on Friday 8th November) . Look out for a letter in your child's book bag after half term with more information and an invitation for their teddy. We will be providing the food for this picnic so no need to worry about this. Watch this space! 


Have a lovely half term!


Wednesday 16th October 2019


So many of the children are doing a fantastic job of coming into school independently in the mornings. However, we are getting a bit of congestion around the door where children are putting their things away and then coming back to say goodbye leading to some children leaving the classroom again for an extra kiss and cuddle. In order to keep the children safe and ease this congestion at the door, please say goodbye to your child before sending them into the classroom to put their things away so we can keep this area clear. 


Our library sessions are going well and the children are really enjoying this time. We let the children choose any book they wish from the library, regardless of difficulty. This is so they have that love of reading and excitement to bring a book home to share. We really encourage sharing these books together, even if it's only a couple of pages or looking at the pictures. A reminder for the children to bring their books in on their library days so they can choose a new one. Hedgehog and Dormouse class go to the library on a Tuesday and Mole class go on a Wednesday.


In addition the children will be receiving a reading book. Everyone's first book will be wordless. This story would have already been shared at school so please encourage your child to read the story to you. 


Reminder- parents evening is next week on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Please sign up for a slot.        

Wednesday 9th October 2019


This Friday is ARK day which means the children can come into school in non-uniform or fancy dress if they bring in £1 for the charity. There is no theme to the fancy dress so the children can come as anything they like! 


Another reminder- Monday is 'Bring a stick to school day' so please send your child in with a stick. Any shape or size as long as we can keep it in the classroom (no tree trunks please). Our learning will be based around the book 'Stick Man' with Monday as a driver so the more the children are excited about this, the better. 


PE was successful yet again this week. However, we have some children that still do not have a kit so have not been able to join in. Please ensure they have their kit on a Wednesday. There's no need to take kit home each week as it can be left in school ready for the next session. Practising getting changed at home, doing buttons, turning clothes inside out and putting socks on will really help the children with their confidence and self-help skills, so this would be much appreciated. 


We have started looking at letters and sounds this week, focusing on 'S', 'A', and 'T' and will be looking at 'P', 'I', and 'N' next week, learning the name and sound and thinking about words that begin with or contain these sounds. We will soon be starting reading (within the next two weeks) so hang tight for a reading book to be sent home as well as their Bug Club login to access books online. This same login can be used for Education City.      

Wednesday 2nd October


Don't forget Harvest Assembly is tomorrow, please send in your donations for the Food Bank.


Today we had our first P.E. lesson which the children really enjoyed. Please could you ensure your child has their kit in school every Wednesday. We have been busy learning all about woodland animals and exploring the different habitats around school.


Next week we will using the books 'Elmer' and 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences for the children. We will also be starting HeartSmart and phonics. We will be posting some phonic and number challenges that you can complete with your child at home if you wish on tapestry soon!

Wednesday 25th September 2019


A big thank you to all of the parents that attended the curriculum evening last night. We hope you found it helpful and for those that couldn't make it a Year R information booklet has been uploaded below.


Next week Mole, Hedgehog and Dormouse class will be finding out a little more about these woodland creatures. The children will have the opportunity to take part in various activities that will enable them to explore, create, build, measure and research into these animals. We will also be starting P.E. so please ensure your child has suitable kit in order to take part. This can be any t-shirt and shorts or joggers. On a similar note please make sure your child has a bottle in school filled with water ONLY. As you know free fruit is provided daily for the children but please feel free to send in a snack. Please note any snacks you send into school can only be fruit or vegetables. This does not include fruit products like yoyos, claws and cereal bars.


Talking bags- there may be just a few children who have not completed their talking bag activity. This will be done by the end of next week so if your child has not shared it then please make sure it comes into school. 

Wednesday 18th September


Welcome to the Year R page! This page will be updated each week on a Wednesday. Your children have settled in really well so far and are busy making lots of new friends and exploring the school grounds. We have been busy introducing the children to our classroom routines and daily school life.


We have been very impressed with how the children have been coming into school in the mornings. However we have started to notice that some toys and cuddly toys have been creeping into school with the children. Please could you encourage your children to leave these at home as we would hate for them to get lost or broken.


Don't forget our curriculum evening is taking place on Tuesday 24th September at 6.30pm. During this evening we will be telling you all about the foundation stage curriculum and how you can help your child with their learning at home. We look forward to seeing you all.


It has come to our attention that you have had home the upcoming dates for the school year and may be unsure of when you are able to join your child in school and when not. If you would like to attend Family Day then one member of your family is welcome to join your child in class for one session (more details of how to sign up will follow closer to the time). You are also welcome to attend the Christmas Performances, any family member can attend the open performance (siblings must attend this performance). Each family is also issued with 2 tickets for the ticketed performance (adults only). Please note family members are not invited to Harvest Assembly, this is for the child only.