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Dear Parents


Welcome to Old Basing Infant School


As a Rights Respecting School, everyone at Old Basing Infant School is nurtured within a happy, healthy, safe and sustainable environment. We develop kindness, independence and resilience in everyone within a fun-loving, inspirational and collaborative community. All are encouraged to achieve their full potential through being curious and courageous, leading to a love of learning for life.


We aim to teach children to know how to stay safe and adopt a healthy lifestyle whilst preparing them both academically and socially to become the citizens of the future.  We do this in partnership with parents, governors and the wider community.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and learning, the excellence of our environment and the high level of resources we provide for our school community.  We believe in delivering a creative curriculum which engages children, promotes inclusion and focuses on high achievement for all. We encourage children to value effort and challenge and we want them to be responsible and effective independent learners who are able to take their learning on.


Children have right to have a say in the things which affect them and to have their views taken seriously (Article 12 UNCRC) and to this end we ensure children are making decisions about their learning, their school and their environment. We engage them in exploring the world and engaging in activities and campaigns where they can voice their opinions, use their voice and make a difference, even if only a small one sometimes.


In February 2008 Ofsted recognised Old Basing Infants as an outstanding school; an accolade of which we are extremely proud. We have an ’Outstanding’ judgement of many years standing. Whilst we always strive to maintain the highest standards in all we do, we also recognise that the criteria for being outstanding in 2021 is a world away from the criteria used back in 2008!


‘Outstanding is a challenging and exacting judgement. In order to reach this standard, inspectors will determine whether the school meets all the criteria for ‘good’ under that judgement, and does so securely and consistently. In other words, it is not enough that the school is strong against some aspects of the judgement and not against others, but it must meet each and every ‘good’ criterion. In addition, there are further criteria set out under the outstanding judgement, which the school will also need to meet. Our aim in making this change is that schools should only be judged outstanding in a particular area if they are performing exceptionally, and this exceptional performance in that area is consistent and secure across the whole school.’  - School Inspection Handbook 2021


We know it will be a huge challenge for us to maintain this grading when we are inspected but we aim to try to achieve the very best outcome we can for the school that reflects the strong and effective practice here every day.


In January 2018 Old Basing Infant School was recognised by UNICEF as a Gold Rights Respecting School. This award is recognition of the work we do to educate children about their rights, the rights of all children, our fundamental British Values, and what it means to be an active member of a community and to live in our diverse country where all are respected and protected from prejudice. This Rights Respecting Gold Status underpins our ethos and values and our individuality as a school.

I hope you feel confident to choose Old Basing Infant School for your child and we look forward to welcoming you to our community in the near future.


Mrs. Tracey McCarley




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